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Juanita Santillan

BA ED (Bilingual Education)

ND (Naturopath)

Light Touch Therapist

Certified Natural Health Professional
Independent Business Owner

Author (9 Keys to De-Stress Naturally)

Public Speaker

Multidimensional Net-worker

Wellness Coach

I'm happy to see that you click on my website and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions on how to live healthily and live longer.​
I have been a natural health practitioner for over 40 years and I not only talk the talk but live it every day. 

Do you need help with losing weight? 

Are you ready to start a new YOU today? 

My book on the 9 Keys to De-Stress Naturally can help you. 

Send me an email for a free copy (you just pay for shipping cost).


Contact me at


Juanita Santillan, Naturopath expert weight-loss coach, the Author of the 9 Keys to De-Stress Naturally, and an international speaker on health, wealth, and LOVE!


Hello! I am Juanita Santillan, Naturopath and owner and founder of Aloe Plus Weight loss Center. 

I have over 15 years of alternative medicine experience and I am an instructor for Certified Natural Health Providers Network. 

I'm an author (9 Keys to De-Stress Naturally), bilingual speaker (English/Spanish), entrepreneur, and expert on multidimensional networking.  

It is Aloe Plus Corp. mission to provide health and wealth.

I believe that if one provides the nutrition that the body needs it can heal any illness. 

Let me leave you with this acronym:

G R O W S=

G-Eat plenty of Greens,

R-Raw fruits and vegetables,

O-consume essential Oils,

W-drink plenty of Water and

S-eat nutritional Salt.

Aloe Plus Weight loss Center in Chicago, IL is a corporation that provides you with various remedies and products to lose weight progressively and effectively in a short period.


The Plus stands for the alternative remedies that we provide that fits your budget and lifestyle.  The remedies that we provide are of high quality, holistic and tested to match your PH and body composition. 


Aloe Plus specializes in Detox, Rechargeable Nutrients, Auricular therapy, massage, Chinese Cups, magnetic therapy, electrode therapy and nutritional consultant.  For more information visit

Juanita Santillan, Naturopath

Aloe Weight Loss Center is your next stop to begin the journey of a new YOU!

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